External Enclosure FAQ

I don’t know how to open Z1 enclosure?
For instructions on how to open the tray of Z1 enclosure, please refer to step by step instruction below.

Step 1
Un-screw both screws on the side of the unit.
Step 2
Remove the faceplate.
Step 3
At the other end of the case, please usa a very light force and pull out the tray.

I installed a brand new hard drive to the enclosure. However, after I power on the enclosure, the computer recognize the hard drive as USB mass storage, but fail to recognize the hard drive, what should I do?
First, make sure your power plug is plugged in tightly to the enclosure.Second, make sure your hard drive has been partitioned and formatted. A brand new hard drive needs to be partitioned and formatted first before an enclosure can recognize it. Click to view HDD Formatting Guide