KWI Technology Inc. (Kingwin)

A computer is no longer only found in an office or large corporation. The personal computer (PC) has evolved into something much larger, and taken on a more distinct personality. It has also taken on the image of a personal accessory that we can see, use; and touch as part of our everyday lives, both in and out of the home. The PC in fact has become and taken on its own personality, as individual, and as the person using it. As the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market grows, the evolution of the PC is only limited by the imagination of the user. The DIY market now offers a multitude of accessories and customizable options, combining both the personality of the PC and the User into one.

Kingwin was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce quality accessories, solutions, and options for its customers. Its main categories include: external/internal storage solutions, power supplies and thermal solutions. As one of the top producers of high quality, DIY computer accessories, Kingwin is poised to lead today’s market. Kingwin works in conjunction with both impressive PC functionality and user individuality. Kingwin enclosures and mobile rack solutions also continue to be the first choice among consumers world wide. Just as impressive are the high performance Kingwin power supplies which are now certified by Nvidia SLI, 80Plus and have received recognition & awards worldwide. The most recent “Mach 1 Modular Series” continues to sweep the gaming market by storm. In addition to the retailer channel, Kingwin has also gained great success among distributors, OEM customers, system integrators, and VARs.

With over 15 years of experience in the computer components market, Kingwin is dedicated to producing innovative products and provide unparalleled customer service. As we look to the future, we will continue to innovate, advance and stand behind our products 100%


Here are the many different locations that Kingwin has grown over the past years you can find us in different parts of the globe. From our manufacture in China to our Headquarters in the U.S.A. With the company’s core business expanding, Kingwin started looking into growing all over the world. Today, Kingwin has grown at heart pumping speed and has been very successful in distributing our diversity of products such as Computer Chassis, Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, Storage Solutions and Power Supply for many different main-stream users, high-end solutions, system integrators and industrial applications.

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